Ixworth Court Traditional House Farmers Weekly

Specialist Dementia Living, Traditional House at Ixworth Dementia Village, Suffolk the first of its kind in the UK The Leaf Care Group has spent the last six months (October 2020 to March 2021) at Ixworth Dementia Village, beginning work on our next exciting project. Each house at Ixworth Dementia Village supports eight people living with […]

Singing and Rhythm

As other abilities fade, music remains Regular readers of our blog will recall that in 2020, we published a blog titled ‘Singing for the Brain’, where we explored the positive effects of singing. We shared how singing releases endorphins and how that release boosts mood and even reduces symptoms associated with anxiety and depression—improving an […]

People-centered Living

The Significance of Lifestyle on a Person with Dementia It is well-documented that human mental health emerges from a complex interplay between genetic, psychological, lifestyle, and other factors. In addition, people are also exposed to numerous environments. These environmental exposures (e.g., green space, noise, air pollution, weather conditions, housing conditions) might trigger mental disorders or […]

Dehydration causes confusion, but did you know that confusion can be the catalyst for dehydration?

Preventing dehydration in people with dementia How much do we take for granted our ability to satisfy our own needs? When we are cold, we reach for a jumper; when we are restless, we go for a walk; when hunger strikes we head to the kitchen; when it’s warm, and our mouth is dry we […]

Keeping your loved ones safe in the pandemic

It is indeed my pleasure to write to you during these difficult times amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. I understand that you will be busier than ever supporting your loved ones be it the checking in with them and sending your love , or the providing of hands-on care, and I’m writing to let you know […]

Behaviour changes in those with dementia Understanding triggers, keeping your people safe, and the importance of asking for help

A care home’s management of dementia is broad. It involves ongoing care, support, and evaluation from—and not limited to—in-house Health Care Professionals (HCP’s), families, social workers, nurses, GP’s, mental health practitioners, and Dementia Intensive Support (DIS) teams.  Timely comeback from external support teams is essential in keeping both the individual and other care home residents […]

Nutrition The positive impacts of social dining at Christmas, and every day for people with dementia

Laughter, conversation, and the chinking of wine glasses were just some of the sounds that delighted me as our residents shared Christmas dinner with both their carers and their families at Ixworth Court Dementia Village. The cooking from our in-house chef filled our care home with delicious aromas that enticed residents to take their seats […]

Don’t be afraid, I’m not a tiger- strategies for managing a state of alert in people with Dementia

The brain is a complex yet magnificent organ that functions as the hub of our sensations, intellect, and nervous activity. A specific part of the brain called the hypothalamus is responsible for a human’s fight-or-flight response—sometimes referred to as hyperarousal or acute-stress-response. The hypothalamus protects us by alerting us and responding to dangers without the […]